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as per usage instructions here
1 py Export data from python

from SevenNB.exports import RawData
with RawData.writer() as data_save:

2 cmd Commit and tag with git, then push to 7NB

git commit -a
git tag rawdata_v0
7nb push

3 py Import data in python

from SevenNB.i.rawdata_v0 import RawData
from SevenNB.exports import Dataset, TrainResult
with Dataset.writer() as saver:


with TrainResult.text_writer() as save_res:

4 cmd Commit, tag and push to 1NB

git commit ...
git tag data_v0
7nb push

5 py Parameterize your data

global param
param = {par_example}

from SevenNB.exports._param import RawData
from SevenNB.tag._param import SalesData
with RawData.writer() as data_save:

6 cmd Save Notebooks

7nb addnb 
    --original <nb that was run>
    --nb <nb that is saved with these params,
            if different from original>
7nb push

7 www Observe

Browse revisions, data dependencies, versions and ask questions on your data and notebooks!